The XRF-Tool is just a start. I have some ideas, please join and work on some of these or your own ideas (please mail them to me).

Idea Description Planned
Internal Procedures Get and analyse all internal procedures  
XRF a Webspeed program Make a cross-reference of a WebSpeed application, in which of cource are HTML files with imbedded WebScript  
WebSpeed frontend When we have an Webspeed XRF analyser, than a front end can also be handy.  
Treeview XRF screen The current Treeview XRF screen is a begin... let's go further  
Import of strings into the database Is there need for this? Please let me know if you need this  
File viewer by line XRF information and a file viewer next to each other so you can see the context of the information.  

Mail me your other ideas: